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Feedback Incantation Syntax, Plagiarism, 28/11/2020


Feedback Incantation Syntax – Performance / Video, Plagiarism, 28/11/2020, Wet Metal, Montréal
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Feedback Incantation Syntax

Malleable form, flowing element. Conductive heat flowing, transistor communicating. As light transforms, heat grows. Malleable elemental world, ideas, paradox, avatars to follow the death instinct. The power of the dark impulse envelopes and brands, rebirths in paradox, redeemed by understanding a searing incision into and beyond flesh. Eviscerating layers of skin, worming past dermal surfaces rolling through their protections destroying skull like glass disintegrating mind like world. Drilling brain / changing form. Metamorphosis of real. A mockery of truth, the. The branding of skin. An order of clones. Mockery of form. Confused by everything. Just destroy like drones. Cradled in the abyss, this reflection fails to nourish. Liquid metal, blinding light, casts slaves into form. The heat deforms. Enthralls. Only a glow of knowing animates them. The puzzle reduced to pieces is solved. The random order of things blurred. Peace is whole at war. So the risk it took is worth it, the fruit born in the imaginative connection of prefrontal cortex operations and electron emanations suspended like a ghost unmoving. A gel in space glowing neutral heat or sculpture of ice. The air changes pressure as dreams materialize as stories and secrets mutually confided. Shame lifted / all by adding to a statistical tendency that points commerce toward a narrative true or not stimulating ancient demons [egregores] inner worlds, powerful curiosities manifesting hideous desires creating unsustainable realities producing by its compression the egoic configurations of space. The mechanical pulling of synapse fuses burning slowly, manipulated determinedly by a flow of energy directed by primordial wholly impulses. Ancestral information quantum measurements of communal psychology recorded in a virtual realm of chaos a hologram dancing bible code. Cradled in the abyss, the reflection fails to nourish. Liquid metal / blinding light, casts enthralls and forms.


Plagiarism - James McDonough, l’esthétique intense et aliénante du death metal extrême et du grindcore, formes bizaroïdes, contextes inhabituels. Processus sans limite d'isolement extrême. Cyborgs et les guitares brutales du death metal, l'ascendance démoniaque de l'humanité.

Plagiarism - James McDonough, intense and alienating aesthetics of extreme death metal and grindcore, unusual forms and settings. Limitless process of extreme isolation. Cyborg hyper-blasting and raw death metal guitar, humankind’s demonic ancestry.