Ghost Limbs

Ghost Limbs, the second collection by 8888, is named after a medical condition where a patient can feel pain where an amputated limb once was. It features the minimalist and enigmatic work of Jean-Michel Gadoua. Furniture for the living and dead, visible and invisible, vessels for the afterlife. 


Influenced by the Brutalist movement and emphasizing the expressiveness of raw materials, Gadoua’s 7 new pieces are minimalist, monolithic and dark. They were accompanied by pieces from fellow artists Olivier Bonnard, Édith Sévigny-Martel, Kara Katon, Stephanie Coleman and Paul Edward Wilson. Ghost Limbs was presented at Le Centerpiece in the Fall of 2022, in Montreal.

Index of objects: 

Covenant Necklace, Paul-Edward Wilson

Early Death Armoire, Québec XXIe Siècle, Jean-Michel Gadoua

Ectomorphe III, IV & V, Olivier Bonnard

Floorburster, Jean-Michel Gadoua

Ghost Ring, Paul-Edward Wilson

Phantom Bench, Jean-Michel Gadoua

Phantom Hall Chair, Jean-Michel Gadoua

Possession Chair, Jean-Michel Gadoua

Prépuce, Edith Sévigny-Martel

Pulsar Objects, Kara Katon (Objects in Space)

Sarcophagus, Jean-Michel Gadoua

Serpent of Stardust III, Stephanie Coleman (Mezari)

Sword, Olivier Bonnard

Teleportation Table, Jean-Michel Gadoua