Master of Brutality is a group exhibition of experimental objects curated by Jean-Michel Gadoua and New Studio. A celebration of new Brutalism.

Blast Beats, Ultra-Flesh Grinding, Gore, Chemical Deaths, Dark Violence, Exploding Skulls. Punk objects piled up because you could not pay the rent. A rejection of priorities, a synergetic monster of stoneware, steel and cement.

Master of Brutality was presented in Brooklyn at New Studio, in March 2023. The show was also presented at WIP Gallery in Montreal a few days later.

Index of objects:

Ectomorphe III, Olivier Bonnard
Squarehead Mirror, Will Choui
Exophilie, Death Orgone
Phantom Chair, Jean-Michel Gadoua
Totem, Gauleybrothers
Future Fossils Chair, Simon Johns
Weevil Chair, Wawa Li
E Table, Megan Meredith Morrissette
Drywall Chair, Simon Petepiece
Cement Stools, David Raymond
Aphrodite’s Mousetrap II, Edith Sevigny-Martel
Ovoid Table, Cal Summers
Zero Guns Vase, New Studio
Five Offerings, Subject Bureaux


Brooklyn : Ashe Kilbourne
Montréal : Un regard Froid