First cell. Black, black metal, forged, poured and scourged. Effluvia of radical freedom, Queb freak scene and universal brutalism. Neo-PoMo noise-pop sci-fi salvo. Feral tattoo, metal tears. Fractal convergence and uncounted embodiments. Iron undressed, armoured concrete. Cranked volumes and twisted loops. Perpetual rings, broken, toppled and ruined. Pedal to the metal. Wet Metal, the new moist, moulded mindset.


For this first 8888 collection, Jean-Michel Gadoua mandated its collaborators to imagine the objects of a brutal and metal everyday life. Perforated steel and reinforced concrete, the new optimism of a dystopian world.


Although furniture represents the hard core of this collection, it also offers accessories, clothing, music, poetry, sculptures, skincare etc. For Wet Metal, 8888 curated and created everything, everywhere and for all. The Wet Metal collection comes in more than 60 pieces that were debuted in the fall of 2020 at WIP Gallery in Montreal.


The WET METAL KREW is Alper Sisters, Rachel Bussin, Nick Castonguay, Tat Chao, Devon Corman, Croustille, Dave Cummings, Ashley Diabo, Cody Dickerson, Bernardino Femminielli, Jean-Michel Gadoua, Mélanie Garcia, Gauley Brothers, William HB, Ibiyanε, Jeremy Jansen, Simon Johns, Alexandre Joncas pour Studio d’Armes, Élyse Leclerc, Guillaume Ménard, Félix Morel, No Negative, PLAGIARISM, David Raymond, Un regard froid, Johannes Schnatmann, Studio Kiff, TEAMM, Jean-François Tousignant, Maude Veilleux and Studio Feed.