Ghost Limbs Collection

18 October 2022
8888 Ghost Limbs Early Death Armoire Teaser

8888 presents a second collection entitled Ghost Limbs created by Jean-Michel Gadoua.

“Intimate, the Ghost Limbs collection is inspired by the medical condition of the same name and the death of his mother” explains its creator Jean-Michel Gadoua, founder of 8888. “The theme of this collection explores the space between life and death, disappearance, ghosts and other undead creatures.”

Influenced by the Brutalist movement and emphasizing the expressiveness of raw materials, the 7 new pieces are minimalist, monolithic and dark. They will be accompanied by objects in collaboration with local artists Olivier Bonnard, Édith Sévigny-Martel, Kara Katon, Stephanie Coleman and Paul Edward Wilson.

Details :

Ghost Limbs



November 4th, 4pm to 8pm
November 5 & 6, 1pm to 5pm

November 10 & 11, 4pm to 8pm
November 12 & 13, 1pm to 5pm

Le Centerpiece
6250, Hutchison Suite 405
Montréal, Québec


8888 at Paris Design Week

24 August 2020
Nouvelle Paris

The Wet Metal collection will be presented at Boon Room Gallery during Paris Design Week, from September 9 to 18. Join us for cocktails on September 11 at 5pm!

Details :

Paris Design Week



Boon Room
9, rue de Lesdiguières
Paris 75004


Wet Metal Exhibition at WIP Gallery

16 November 2020

First cell. Black, black metal, forged, poured and scourged. Effluvia of radical freedom, Queb freak scene and universal brutalism. Neo-PoMo noise-pop sci-fi salvo. Feral tattoo, metal tears. Fractal convergence and uncounted embodiments. Iron undressed, armoured concrete. Cranked volumes and twisted loops. Perpetual rings, broken, toppled and ruined. Pedal to the metal. Wet Metal, the new moist, moulded mindset.

Details :

Wet Metal 2020



Performances, 11.28
Un regard froid, 8pm
Instagram + Facebook Live

Galerie WIP
3487 Saint-Laurent Blvd.
Montréal (Québec) H2X 2T6