Wood, cement, papier mâché, pigment
Everyday commodities abruptly darkened and frozen as sculptures. Objects from the Netherworld, haunting through the flesh of a living ghoul. Awaken from the dead, forever in your mind. Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice. Designed by Gauleybrothers.


Multidisciplinary entrepreneurs, artists, designers, contractors. Humans wearing their hearts on their sleeves, a hammer on the other. Well-raised gentlemen. The pure experience of Innovative designs for the future, prized all over. Avant-garde vision for over hundreds of spaces and places. Strong identities, clear message, unforgettable visuals, textural manifestations, sleek interpretations. Toby & Taylor 4ever.

Gauleybrothers is an interior design studio based in Montreal.

Other objects

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