Pichet 66

7.5 × 4 × 9 in
Koen De Winter for Mepal, 1977. Pichet “66,” legendary set, orange melamine, international success, prized possession, design part of MNBAQ and MoMA’s permanent collections. Élyse Leclerc, 2020 reprise. A pupil honouring her master’s generosity. Special edition, finely moulded ceramic, black, white, sixteen copies. Designed by Koen de Winter, reedited by Élyse Leclerc.

Koen De Winter

From Antwerp to Quebec, from ceramics to plastics, De Winter for Mepal, 66 in 77. Daily omnipresence, from the table to the collections. Olive ochre red, spout, grooves, interlocking volumes, drinking, pouring, drawing. Versatility, accessibility, mission, transmission, generous knowledge, gratitude.

Koen De Winter is a retired industrial designer and university professor.

Élyse Leclerc

The art of the table. Co-founder of Jarre (RIP). Kitchen objects, post-historic reprise. A fold of clay, molded, a service. Omnipresent pitcher, reviewed and reworked.

Élyse Leclerc is a designer and ceramist based in Montréal.

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