The Facepuker

15 × 8 × 8 in
A transparent and mysterious extraterrestrial decapod. Never leave assembled after midnight as it disappears into the night. May puke your face. Batteries not included. Also available in XL format: Motherpuker. Designed by Feed & Tat Chao.


Paper feed, news feed, feedback, feed your head. Pennel/Daudelin c.1999. Design graphique / pratiques créatives. Identités éditoriales, espaces à caractères typographiques, équipe Casgrain. Studio direct, cohérent, critique. Becs fins Queb, post-stoners noise du dimanche, memes et pop culte. Feed me weird things.

Feed is a graphic design studio based in Montreal.

Tat Chao

Montreal via Milan and Singapore. Industrial interior, inspiration and intervention. Glass, silver, wood, metal, home, body, space. 3D-printed sparkling questions, boundless curiosity.

Tat Chao is an industrial designer based in Montreal.

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